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Between startups and established companies, Buffalo has cemented its position as a leader in tech. And that’s not likely to change anytime soon. In fact, Buffalo was named one of the top five fastest-growing startup cities. While traditional tech jobs exist among all different kinds of companies and industries, Buffalo has seen tremendous growth when it comes to tech jobs with tech-focused industries. With that growth comes ample opportunity for new ideas and innovation to flourish, and tech-focused companies of all types across the city are doing just that.

Types of Tech Companies in Buffalo, NY

Managed Service Provider (MSP)
MSPs provide businesses with ongoing and regularly scheduled network, IT, and cybersecurity services through their customer’s location, the MSP’s own data center, or through a third party. Many companies choose to work with an experienced MSP company over having their own internal IT department due to overhead costs or desired level of expertise.

Locally, companies like Lighthouse Technology Services and PCA Technology Group fall into this category. An MSP like Lighthouse might focus on the day-to-day IT and equipment management and troubleshooting, while PCA’s services tend to focus on bigger-picture IT projects. Despite these subtle differences, these kinds of companies play a vital role in ensuring that their clients’ every need is met. That means that MSPs often require a wide range of tech jobs filled, including help desk support, network administrators, and information security analysis, to name just a few.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
SaaS companies create and supply software applications online, allowing easy, convenient access and removing the need to install and manage hardware physically. Generally, these companies follow a licensing model, allowing customers to access their product or service via a subscription. Customers log onto the SaaS provider’s platform, which could be through an application or web browser, to use the program.

CloudInsyte and Synacor are just two of many software companies in Buffalo. Both companies ascended from startups to established firms in the region by developing their own software platforms. CloudInstye pairs its technology and security vendor search platform with specialized tech consulting services, whereas Synacor works with companies to provide its own customers with secure identity management and productivity tools through its products. Software developers and systems analysts are integral to a SaaS company’s team.

Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)
CSPs use third-party vendors or develop online cloud products for other companies to access and use for their own services, software, or platforms. Migrating a company to a cloud involves reviewing the network, infrastructure, and applications, along with specific needs and intent. Because this is a complicated process, many companies choose to work with external companies that have the expertise to make a smooth transition. CSPs also often fall under other categories, like MSP or SaaS.

PCI offers a number of IT services but is mostly known for cloud capabilities. Like other CSPs, PCI consults with its clients to determine their individual requirements and works to find the right cloud option, whether that be public, private, or hybrid. All cloud data must also be properly migrated and backed up, so creating the right architecture and providing support is vital. Infrastructure engineers, help desk support, and systems administrators support each stage of cloud migration projects.

A combination of “financial” and “technology,” fintech is a growing type of tech company. These companies develop or advance technology to improve financial services or processes. Companies may have their own internal fintech team or rely on a third-party developer for their services. Banking and investment apps, payment apps, and roboadvisors all fall into this category.

Banks like M&T are some of the largest organizations locally in fintech. As more and more banking and related services shift online, the greater the need for fintech companies like M&T to create solutions that protect their customers and make their experiences easier than ever. From cybersecurity analysts and business systems analysts to data engineers and software engineers, fintech operations are almost always looking for tech talent.