Discover how tech is moving Buffalo forward and Buffalo is moving tech forward by connecting individuals and organizations with training, jobs, and talent that help everyone advance.

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Level up your skills and advance your career.  We have programs to help you get ahead, whether you’re already working in tech or looking to break into the field.

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There’s a wealth of tech opportunity in Buffalo. We’d say you’d just have to look for it—but Be in Buffalo and Forge Buffalo have already done that for you.

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The best organizations are powered by people—and we’ll help you find them. Tap into our resources and sign up for our forthcoming workforce consortium.

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The people who are drawn to this city and its community are some of the hardest workers you’ll find anywhere. Whether you want to find a job (or a better job), grow your company, or connect with other tech-minded people, TechBuffalo is here to make it happen.

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