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In tech, everything—and everyone—is connected. Universities and training programs produce tech talent. Training and mentors keep tech talent ahead of the curve. Skilled tech talent fuels companies. Companies grow the economy, which attracts more tech students and more tech talent. At TechBuffalo, we help keep this cycle flowing—and growing—by bringing people together across the tech industry. Because it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know—and we’ll help you meet the right people.

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Buffalo: Big-time opportunities, small-town community.

Here, you can work for a Fortune 500 company, discover world-class cultural opportunities, and enjoy a cost of living that’s half that (or less) compared to places like Brooklyn and San Francisco. Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors, with some of the friendliest, hardest-working people (and most accessible mentors) you’ll ever meet. Of course, we’re also known for our weather—more than 200 sunny days per year on average.

What you may not know is that Buffalo is also home to an emerging, fast-growing tech community, with the number of tech-enabled companies more than doubling in the past decade. We’re headquarters for 43North—the $5 million startup competition—as well as Forge Buffalo, a unique online community of job seekers and employers. Buffalo is where two university students turned a school project into a $90 million data analytics company—and where a minority-run electric vehicle charger company found a welcoming home.

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Your hub for everything tech.

As a nonprofit organization, our job is to represent and collaborate with diverse and hard-working groups throughout the region to grow the tech industry and better our hometown.

Ultimately, our goal is to create 5,000 net positive jobs in tech—one of the most critical parts of our economy. How will we do it? By connecting local grads with jobs, providing training for unemployed and underemployed people, and bringing in tech talent from outside the region.


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