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The fusion of technology and finance, known as fintech, is driving remarkable growth. In fact, the fintech industry is expected to expand by nearly 9% in the next year. Compounded by the steady increase in online banking, the shift toward more innovative financial services has opened up numerous career opportunities and paths for individuals with skills in both finance and technology.

Financial Technology Jobs

Branch manager

A professional who leads daily operations for a bank or other financial institution. They oversee staff, assist with customer service inquiries, help develop goals, and work towards increasing the branch’s success.

Skills to have

Leadership skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, business acumen, financial management, customer service, organization, attention to detail, and multitasking.

Compliance specialist

A professional who oversees a financial institution’s daily function and adherence to ethical, legal, and industry regulations. These may include standards related to banking, trading, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, and corruption.

Skills to have

Critical thinking, problem solving, verbal and written communication, and reporting skills.


A professional who manages an institution’s financial reports, including expenses, earnings, balances, and incomes. They work closely with other members of the accounting team to ensure accurate reporting.

Skills to have

Financial acumen, accounting skills, management skills, and attention to detail.

Customer experience specialist

A professional who works with customers to rectify their questions and concerns. They often collaborate with other internal teams to address customer needs.

Skills to have

Interpersonal skills, verbal communication, customer service, and basic computer skills.

Cybersecurity specialist

A professional who uses knowledge of cyber breaches and risks to create, implement, and maintain technologies and best practices that secure sensitive client and provider information.

Skills to have

Intrusion prevention and detection, ethical hacking, penetration testing, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

Finance manager

A professional who supervises a company’s financial well-being. They accomplish this by ensuring compliance with related regulatory boards and laws, accurately reporting financial information, and reviewing budgets.

Skills to have

Financial acumen, management skills, interpersonal skills, organization, quantitative skills, multitasking, and attention to detail.

Finance technician

Also known as an accounting technician, this is a professional who performs key accounting duties such as bookkeeping, making timely payments, and calculating taxes.

Skills to have

Mathematical skills, reporting skills, verbal and written communication, organization, and financial acumen.

Financial analyst

A professional who works with individuals or organizations to develop plans on how to spend and earn money. They review financial statements, business trends, and market factors to develop models and prepare reports for their clients.

Skills to have

Financial acumen, data analysis, mathematics, statistics, attention to detail, critical thinking, reporting skills, interpersonal skills, and organization.

Quantitative analyst

A professional who investigates and interprets financial data to assist companies in their development. These individuals often work with investment banks, wealth management firms, or stock brokerages to pinpoint investment and risk management opportunities.

Skills to have

Mathematical skills, data analysis, organization, and communication.

Risk management specialist

A professional who analyzes key data and statistical metrics in order to offer management and operational recommendations. These findings are presented in reports and focus on financial risks and ways to minimize or mitigate them.

Skills to have

Financial acumen, privacy and data protection skills, organization, risk assessment skills, verbal and written communication, data analysis, and critical thinking.

Sales representative

A professional who introduces fintech products and services to potential clients and coordinates their sales. They may work for financial institutions directly or for service providers.

Skills to have

Verbal and written communication skills, negotiation skills, time management, organization, and marketing skills.

Solutions analyst

A professional that evaluates business and systems operations to detect areas of improvement in order to achieve goals. These individuals usually work with IT systems and other technological infrastructure to accomplish their strategies.

Skills to have

Programming skills, communication skills, critical thinking, creative thinking, organization, and time management skills.


A professional who works with bank customers to confirm their identity and process financial transactions, such as cashing or depositing checks, facilitating withdrawals, or collecting payments.

Skills to have

Customer service skills, verbal communication, basic computer skills, basic math skills, and attention to detail.

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