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Interested in tech? There’s a growing demand for talent across a wide range of tech-focused and tech-adjacent jobs. If you want to find your place in tech, it’s good to know what options are available across information technology, data science, cybersecurity, software and web development, and artificial intelligence sectors. Here’s a list of tech jobs that are common and in demand in the current tech landscape.

*Note: some companies may use different terms for some of these tech roles.

Technology Roles

1. Artificial intelligence specialist: a professional who develops, implements, and optimizes AI algorithms, models, and systems.

2. Business systems analyst: a professional who analyzes business processes, requirements, and systems to identify improvement and efficiency opportunities.

3. Cloud engineer: a professional who designs, implements, and manages cloud platforms to build scalable, secure cloud-based infrastructure and services.

4. Computer network architect: a professional who designs, builds, and maintains computer networks across multiple devices, systems, and users, usually for an organization.

5. Computer programmer: a professional who writes, tests, and maintains computer software programs using programming languages like Python and JavaScript to translate algorithms into executable code.

6. Content manager: a professional who plans, creates, and manages online content for a range of digital platforms including websites, blogs, and social media.

7. Cybersecurity specialist: a professional who implements security measures, monitors for vulnerabilities, and responds to digital security incidents in an effort to protect computer systems, networks, and data from threats.

8. Data analyst: a professional who uses statistical and analytical techniques to examine and interpret data to gain insight into patterns and trends.

9. Database administrator: a professional who maintains and secures databases through optimal design and implementation.

10. Data scientist: a professional who uses statistics, mathematics, programming, and domain skills to gather and analyze large and complex data sets.

11. DevOps engineer: a professional with experience in development and operations who streamlines collaborative and integrative efforts between software development teams and IT operations.

12. Digital marketer: a professional who uses knowledge of digital channels and strategies to promote a brand, product, or service online.

13. Ethical hacker: a professional who simulates malicious cybersecurity breaches and attacks to assess potential risks and weaknesses. Also known as a penetration tester.

14. Full-stack developer: a professional with the ability to work on both the end-user side and server side of a web development project.

15. Graphic designer: a professional who creates logos, brochures, and other visual materials to communicate and convey messages to an audience.

16. Growth hacker: a marketing professional who finds creative, strategy-based solutions to capture and retain audience growth.

17. Help desk support technician: a professional who provides technical assistance and diagnostic support for hardware, software, and network problems.

18. Information security analyst: a professional tasked with securing computer systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access and cybersecurity breaches.

19. Project manager: a professional who plans, organizes, and oversees the execution of action items and deliverables required for a project.

20. Software developer: a professional who creates and designs software applications.

21. Systems administrator: a professional who manages and maintains computer systems and networks.

22. Systems engineer: a professional who designs, implements, and manages systems and infrastructure.

23. UI designer: a user interface designer is a professional who creates easy-to-use, visually appealing interfaces for digital applications and products.

24. UX designer: a user experience designer is a professional who enhances the usability and overall experience of a digital product or service.

25. Web designer: a professional who creates websites and web layouts.

26. Web developer: a professional who builds and maintains websites.

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