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It’s not just Silicon Valley’s Big Tech companies that require tech talent these days. Non-tech companies in just about every industry you can think of are going through their own digital transformations. They rely on tech professionals to address these new challenges and devise new, lasting solutions. But, with so many sectors requiring tech talent, it can be difficult to stand out to talented job seekers. How can your non-tech company find and hire tech talent in an increasingly competitive market?

Actively Look for Candidates

Some non-tech companies make the mistake of relying on inbound recruiting, letting a job seeker come to you. Instead, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game by actively searching for tech talent through outbound recruiting strategies. Be proactive about the roles you will need in the near future and start looking for tech talent by directly reaching out to individuals on platforms like LinkedIn. See if you can leverage your network to find contacts, too.

Look for Diverse Talent

Big Tech is known for having a primarily white, male workforce. However, there’s a lot of talent among women and BIPOC communities that could benefit your organization. Expanding your search to include diverse talent, including those with different backgrounds and pathways into the tech industry, greatly increases the talent pool you have to choose from. Best of all, diverse talent means new ideas and perspectives, which leads to more creativity and innovation.

Be Flexible

The post-COVID era has led to a significant rise in remote and hybrid work environments. But for tech workers, this flexibility has been an established industry standard for a while. To win over tech talent, you should consider allowing for remote and hybrid work options if you don’t already. These options make you a viable job option for a lot more candidates. You should also consider reviewing other hiring requirements, such as education. Strict education or work experience requirements could be alienating to tech talent, especially since there is a wide range of ways to gain skills and enter the industry.

Be Clear on Roles and Responsibilities

This starts with knowing exactly what you need from tech workers. They are used to fast-paced environments with complete clarity on what the project is, what the goals are, what is needed for success, and what their role in that is. You should be upfront with tech talent about how their contributions should factor into the products or services you provide. If you are able, it’s a good idea to have leadership with experience in tech or managing tech workers to best support these members of your team. Also, be open to offering learning opportunities to new tech hires so they can continue to expand their skill set. This shows your commitment to their value.

Focus on the Benefits

Non-tech companies in all sectors need tech talent. So, what can you offer that makes these workers want to join your company over someone else’s? The benefits. Be upfront with candidates about what compensation and benefits you can offer. Include information on clear pathways to leadership and job advancement and emphasize what your work-life balance policy is. If you can’t meet certain compensation expectations, consider adding in more PTO or other perks to make your offer the better choice.