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TechBuffalo welcomes Cameron Smith, our new Finance Director to the team.

Tell us about yourself in five sentences or less
I grew up in Hamburg, NY, and attended St. Bonaventure University where I earned both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. I live in North Buffalo with my beautiful wife Samantha and our dog and cat (Abraham and Freddie). I love working in the nonprofit industry because I know the work we do every day will have a significant impact on our community and create opportunities for everyone. Outside of work I am a proud member of the Buffalo Rugby Club (10 years), I serve on the board for the Seneca Street Community Development Corp, and I am a 13-year season ticket holder of the Buffalo Bills.

What do you love most about Buffalo? 
Instinct would say the Buffalo Bills!!! But as I dig more to the root, I would say it is the people and the immense sense of community that we all possess. Buffalo is a unique place where we have experienced the highest of highs but even more the lowest of lows… and no matter what the situation we are able to get through it because we support each other, and that is what I love about Buffalo!

What’s the best concert you’ve been to?
The best concert I have ever attended was the Tragically Hip makeup show at the Outer Harbor about 10 years ago. As their set was coming to an end it started raining, and Gordon said they had to cut the show short. They covered all of the instruments, walked off stage, and then about 5 mins later of constant cheering from the crowd, they came back out and did a 5 song encore in the middle of a rainstorm.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?
I am just finishing up “Shoe Dog: A Memoir by Phil Knight” This has been a good read because it shares a real perspective of the ups and downs he had while building out his shoe empire.

Are you a sports fan?
Yes, I am 100% a sports fan, more specifically I am a Buffalo Bills fan! My favorite thing to do on the weekends is watching the Bills win! One of the best memories I have with my father was my first Bills game when I asked him why everyone was booing our team. He said, “They’re not booing,” then pointed at number 78  (Pumping up the crowd) and said, “They’re saying BRUCE.”

Why did you join TechBuffalo?
After graduating college, I was forced (like any recent grad) to find my place. After considering moving away, I decided that Buffalo is where I want to be, and I want to make Buffalo the place other people want to be. TechBuffalo’s mission to make Buffalo an accessible and inclusive tech community will do just that. We are essentially at the forefront of leading a new industrial revolution that will create jobs, uplift our neighborhoods and empower generations of Buffalonians to know that we can do this.

Welcome to the team, Cam!