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Technology is involved in nearly every aspect of our daily lives. It’s also rapidly evolving. Every industry—not just tech—is feeling these effects. Whether you’re searching for a career in tech or a tech-adjacent sector, you’ll want to have more than just your resume, cover letter, and skills at the ready. Now more than ever, keeping up to date with tech news is vital.

Having an awareness of the latest tech trends can set you apart from other candidates. In particular, tech-focused and tech-adjacent companies are constantly looking for ways to stay relevant and remain competitive. Technology is often key to fulfilling those goals. Naturally, companies will want their employees to think about the future and understand where tech is headed. Allocating even a few minutes daily to tech news sources can help you impress employers and advance your career. So, that leaves the big question: where should you get your tech news?


Where do you go to see what’s trending? We’d be willing to bet Twitter is up there on your list. Many of us use the platform to keep up with our interests. If tech is one of yours, you won’t have any trouble finding Twitter accounts dedicated to fresh tech happenings and content. It’s also that place to follow the industry’s leading innovators.


If tech gadgets are your thing, this is one site you’ll want to bookmark. Engadget spotlights all the latest tech products from the industry’s biggest names. The website’s Review and Buyers Guide sections are great for helping readers make more informed tech purchases, too. Engadget also dedicates a section to robotics, AI, transportation, and space news, aptly named Tomorrow. And if you don’t want to give everything a read-through, the site hosts three podcasts to make it even easier to get the news you want to hear.


You’ve likely heard of WIRED before, especially if you’ve ever seen its Autocomplete Interview video series. What you may not know is that WIRED’s website brings tech’s biggest stories to the forefront. From business updates and backchannel opinion pieces to forward-thinking science coverage and the state of security systems, WIRED gives readers a little bit of every relevant topic around the tech industry. Their content is easy to read and fun to share, which is a nice bonus.


Like learning about the business side of the tech industry? TechCrunch has you covered. This website is a great resource for readers looking for news about startups, venture capital, security, and cryptocurrency. Business mergers, funding, acquisitions, and launches are covered in depth. TechCrunch also offers insights into market analyses, growth opportunities, and tech-focused events. Like Engadget, podcast formats are available so that you can listen to the latest on the go.

Buffalo Inno

Want to hear about Buffalo’s tech news? Buffalo Inno is the place to be. Launched in 2021 through Buffalo Biz Journals (another great resource to check out), Buffalo Inno focuses on local businesses and people who are igniting our region’s tech economy. The site features daily editorials, quarterly events, and job directories, making it a multi-level must-read resource. We also recommend signing up for The Beat, a weekly newsletter that delivers the biggest regional stories right to your inbox.

TechBuffalo Newsletter

Speaking of newsletters, did you know that we produce our own too? Our tech sector is quickly emerging as the place to be, so you won’t want to miss out on local happenings. Subscribing to our newsletter is a surefire way to keep yourself in the know. TechBuffalo works with Western New York’s leading employers, higher education institutions, and tech-focused partners to bring college students, job seekers, and employers regional updates. Local tech training, job openings, panels, seminars, and other events are included in each edition. Signing up is simple and free.