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Tech Pathways

TechBuffalo has partnered with several local colleges and universities to support students with mentorship, wrap-around services, and provide exposure to potential employers! All programs are 100% virtual. Tuition assistance is available to qualified applicants.

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Jumpstart Your IT Career

Are you looking to transition into a career in technology? This program is for you! Starting March 15th, you can learn basic internet security and foundational IT concepts in a 10-week program leading to industry-recognized certifications. Prior experience not required. If you wish to further your education, the certificates you earn are able to be converted into college credits for Trocaire’s Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity program.

Potential jobs post-graduation include IT Help Desk, Tech Support, Service Desk, and Repair Technician

Lifelong Learning with Trocaire College

Have you wanted to explore a career in technology but didn’t believe you possessed the qualifications? Trociare’s IT Career Reboot is for you. Participate in a 36-week course that builds your understanding of tech fundamentals but also prepares you for the next level!

Gain the opportunity to earn multiple industry certifications from CompTIA, CertNexus, participate in employer networking, get career coaching, and work readiness training. As an added bonus, students who earn certifications may apply to convert certifications to college credit (27) in Trocaire’s AAS degree in Cybersecurity.

Become a Web Developer

TechBuffalo has partnered with SUNY Erie to bring a Full Stack Web development to the Buffalo Community.
Austin has attracted the likes of Apple, Oracle, Palantir, and SpaceX, Tesla, BAE Systems among others creating a huge demand for tech training and recruitment.
The upcoming 16 week-long boot camp class starting on June 2nd will be a collaboration led by highly experienced instructors from the Austin, Texas area. SUNY Erie hired a team from Austin Tx. to redesign and teach the new course.

Dates: June 2nd- September 25th, 2021 

Get Ready with Google IT

Looking for a program that you can complete at your own pace? Get started with Niagara County Community College’s Google IT Certification course. This program will introduce you to IT fundamentals including troubleshooting and customer service, operating systems, systems administration, and security. The next session will begin on February 8th, 2021 and you have up to one year to complete it. Click here to learn more about the certificate.

Potential job titles include: Google Support Professional/ IT Support Professional/ Network Support