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Want a promotion? Need to network? Thinking about moving to Buffalo? TechBuffalo is here to connect you to industry events, job listings, and other resources designed especially for tech professionals.

From training programs that can help you get a new job to industry events where you can meet colleagues from around the city, we’ll get you connected.

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Buffalo: Where tech workers help each other succeed.

Imagine a place where your boss helps you find a better job. A place where your co-worker helps you apply for a promotion. A place where people go out of their way—every day—to help each other. Welcome to Buffalo, where someone is always within reach.

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We’re not just an organization. We’re real people, ready to help you succeed. Come talk to us at an event, read about what we’re doing to keep growing the tech community in Buffalo, and tell us what you want to see in the future. We’re here for you.

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